ABC & Ice Cream@ Kow Po Special, Bentong

The ice kacang, a local dessert of shaved ice served with coconut milk, red beans, corn, and other ingredients, is popular in the Bentong district. The most popular ice kacang in Bentong is Kow Po Special, beside Hong Leong Bank. But bear in mind the price is not cheap now due to the popularity. Many traveller know this place. It is also said that, the king has also make a visit to this shop as well. No wonder it is so famous.. Oh ya, if you planning to go there by bus, the shop is located just opposite the bus station of Bentong.

The ice cream is a home made ice cream and is famous and they have many special flavors as well like Coconut, Peanut and others. So, dear ordered the 3 flavor ice cream which is the Banana, Coconut and Peanut. It is said that the Coconut and the Peanut is the famous one.. but I like the Banana more. Peanut taste ice cream is not bad as well .. as for the coconut, I still prefer the one in Penang

I ordered the ABC. The ABC is not bad as well. There are simply quite a number of ingridients on it. Overall, I can say, the taste is not bad.. and kinda delighting. Oishi desu.


Ice Cream: 4/5
ABC: 3/5

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  1. Wind says

    best home made ice creame ever ..all the ice creame are home made by the owner family , i personally recomment the peanut ice creame , with the after taste in your mouth full with peanut you will ask for more..

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