Vegetarian Meal @ Mama Sayang Nyonya, Jalan Klang Lama

Mama Sayang Vegetarian House is a place I usually go for vegetarian meal.. but the quality drops a lot compare to the last time I been there. The taste is no longer oishi d. I went there with dear for meal and we had this. As usual, I ordered the Vegetarian Nyonya Fried Rice while dear ordered the goat meet vegetarian one with curry.

The meal arrived quite fast since not much people ordering. So, our meal is fast today. The fried rice is a bit poor as there are some parts of the rice is too salty. Other than that, is ok.

As for dear meal, dear say is so so not extremely good. The kuah is not really nice as so he still not like it so much.

We also ordered the chendol which the taste is YUCKS .. I don like the taste at all and the taste is a bit weird and not nice and the chendol is very hard. Not recommended at all

Nyonya Fried Rice : 2/5
Goat Vegetarian Meet:2/5

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