Meals @ Ming Tian Food Court, Taman Megah, PJ

Ming Tian again?? Is nearby my place .. so I don have a reason not to go dere unless there is totally all food taste yucks… this time, I went there and tried some new stuff from other stalls. What I ordered is the fried Tang Hoon. The fried Tang hoon here is simply nice and oishi. Is not very sticky .. and the tang hoon here which a bit dry served me well as I love tanghoon which is more dry and wet one. That’s the reason I love it. The way they fried the tang hoon is so nice which I cant resist to blog it and have it for the second time. Oishi meal.

As for dear, he had a yummy Cheese rice which dear says the taste is even better than the one in Kim Gary.. Gosh.. can you believe it? I taste them too.. and I think is cheap and nice.. and the rice is not very sticky.. ahha.. so is should be nice.. yummy one with just a fair cheap price.

As for his bro, he ordered rojak. The rojak was not bad. Quite nice.. but not to compare with the one in Penang .. it should be simply delicious. Overall the meal today is simply satisfying

Fried Tang Hoon: 4/5
Cheese Rice:4/5

Fried Tang Hoon: RM 5.50
Cheese Rice: RM 6.00
Rojak: RM 5.50

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