Lunch at Restorant Sun Yin Loong,, Kelana Jaya

Went to the nearest Restaurant around Kelana Jaya. And this time dear took me and Carol to the Restaurant Sun Yin Loong. This restaurant served during afternoons which is during the lunch time and see what we eat??

Carolynn ordered the chicken rice which she don think is yummy. The uncle seems like don’t know how to chop the chicken and carolynn felt is very hard to eat. Besides, the rice is not really well cooked which make it not so nice lo.

As for me, I think mine is the best of all. I ordered the fried tang hoon which taste quite nice. Just the sambal is not spicy enough. That’s the only things I don really like. Overall, I can say is simply yummy.. OISHI DESU.

Dear one is the worst. Its because first of all is waiting time is too long. That’s make it not so enjoyable and after both me and Carol had finished the food, dear’s wan tan mee also haven arrived.

The wan tan mee is totally out. It is too salty as well as the wan tan does not have any meat. Gosh.. is horrible not much comment except thumb downs

Chicken Rice – 1/5
Fried Tang Hoon -3/5
Wan Tan Mee – 0/5

Chicken Rice – RM 4.50
Fried Tang Hoon –RM 4.00
Wan Tan Mee – RM 4.00

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