Kim Shan Seafood @ Relau, Penang, Aug 2009

Kim Shan Seafood is one of the place which I always went for meal whenever I back to Penang and the food here is kinda nice.. but this time seems like quality drop. This time, is dear first time with me to this shop for makan…and lets see what we order. There is several of meals which is kinda attracted me to order since I am less in Penang now.

Dad ordered the bak kut teh where there is a lot of ingridient with cheap price. The overall charges of a large bowl of Bak Kut Teh + additional of intestins and all just cost us about RM 15. Is called cheap and nice.

Other than that, we had several food as well which covers the ikan pari which is quite nice..but this time not nice liao .. cause the fish is an old fish and the meat is not nice.. so i don really love it.

We also ordered the spicy har koh which is not really nice as well. The har koh is not really nice as there is much flour than the meat which i don really love it

Taste: 2/5

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  1. StrawberrY Gal says

    oh.. when i back Penang.. i will. Now i am staying in KL already.. You been there always?

    Btw, any more nice food to recommend in Penang?

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