Kayu Nasi Kandar-Penang

Kayu nasi Kandar is one of the famous 24 hours nasi kandar in Penang and it is famous for its longest roti tisu as well as many food there. This time, on my schedule back Penang with dear, we went to have Nasi Kandar since we arrived in Penang kinda late this time. What we had?

I ordered a normal Nasi Kandar with just a fried chicken as add in some curry. The food is not bad since the kuah is nice but fried chicken I still prefer the one in Changkat Jong in Teluk Intan. The fried chicken not really spicy and crispy.. haha.. but the taste is not bad.

Dad ordered the roti canai which was nice as well. He says the roti canai was very nice and oishi.. and they have plentiful of kuah as well. Yummy that’s what dad’s comment.

Dear and mum ordered the same one which is the mee goreng. em… the taste was just normal and not bad only.Not to compare, the taste is still ok.

Overall I can say the food here is not bad. Just a bit more expensive lo
Taste: Overall 3/5
Price: RM 20 for all plus drinks

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