Sg lembing style of yong tau fu @ Sungai Lembing Pasar, Pahang

Our trip to Sungai Lembing will furnished as well the food at there. It is recommended by Carolynn mum that the Sungai Lembing Style Yong tau fu is famous which is located at the Pasar Sungai Lembing. We reached there as early as bout 9am and there is so many people waiting to be served for the Yong Tau Fu. The business is so good which I can resist to say is really famous.

Both me and dear ordered the Yong Tau fu with a mee included. The Fishball taste nice which is made by the nice fish. The taste of the Yong Tau Fu is nice and as usual you can add the ingredients of your choice.

Taste: 4/5

Overall I can say is nice but just the soup taste is a bit flat.

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 5

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