Sai Mai Lo @ Do- RE MI, Four Court in Teluk Intan

I was in Teluk Intan and dear took me for a delighting supper or can say a dessert meal at Teluk Intan. This place is absolute a nice place for the delighting flavours of icing products like ABC which means by Ais Batu Campur in Malay. This time we are not going for ABC but we are going for another dessert which called Sai Mai Lo.. which is dear’s favorite since he is a kid and we went to have them..

The store had been 2 generation as I saw his son was preparing the dessert for us. Sai Mai Lo is a dessert which have a bit of sour as they add in some lemon into the ice which makes it taste that way of it.

The taste is simply nice and they also added some fruits which make it even better.. Oishi desu ooo!!!!

Taste: 5/5
Price: 2.40

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