Meals @ KIm Gary, Sg Wang

We had been drolling in Sg Wang and we make our decision to have some Chinese food and ended up in one of my fav place – Kim Gary. This time, we took yummy food..

As today, I had the pineapple fried rice which is kinda temptating and nice. The taste is beautiful and I love it so much. Much more is the fried rice is fried till golden brown and is full of pineapples as well as a bit of minced chicken.

As for dear, he ordered his favorite fish rice which is very nice as well. The fish is nice and it is with some kind of soya sauce and then it is later to be baked. The procedure of cooking is not very hard but perhaps the way they cook and the specialist of Kim Gary had make the food taste nice and yummy

besides we ordered 2 drinks which dear ordered Honey Pomelo Aloe Vera while me ordered the Strawberry Aloe Vera.


Em.. the aloe vera added in the honey pomelo is real nice. Is a bit soury due to the pomelo and a bit of sweety due to the honey. The taste of it is real special. Oishi

As for mine, not much special as it is a normal strawberry drink added with Aloe Vera.

Overall the dish is nice and yummy .. and service is fast as well

Taste: 4/5
Price; RM 32
Service: 3/5

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