Black pepper chicken set and Lasagna @ J.L. Gourmet , Prangin Mall

J.L Gourmet which is located in Perangin Mall is well known and famous for its western food especially the mushroom soup. This restaurant which is located in the town having two branch, one is in New World Park and another in Prangin Mall. The main branch is located in Prangin Mall

I love to go there for western delights as the soup is nice as well as the western dishes is delighting as well. Price wise is still in reasonable range which is abour RM 15- RM 25 for different set meals you order. The set meals will comes with a drink, the soup, the main course as well as an ice cream of your choice.

This time, i went there with dear and Anna, Me and dear shared a set as we are planning for more food hunt in the town. What i had? we ordered a set of black pepper chicken set while Anna ordered the Lasagna.

Here comes our meal…It served with the mushroom soup where the whole bowl of mushroom soup are basically pure mushroom..and when you put in the mouth you can taste the heavy mushroom taste. It is superb

Next will be Anna meals which is her seafood lagsania. The seafood lagsania is simply superb as you can see layers of cheese on the lagsania itself.. and according to Anna, she simply love it very much as the food is fresh and the cheese smells nice

Here comes my black pepper set.. the black pepper taste is superb as you can taste the heavy black pepper smell… but for me is not spicy enough. I still prefer the one in Pulau Tikus – Chef Delights for this one. Overall the taste of it is still great and delighting.

Ice cream wise I have not much comment as they served just a normal ice cream like magnolia or nestle brand. So, there is not much to say of the ice cream

Overall the meal is nice and delighting
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 18

J.L. Gourmet
Prangin Mall,
Jln Dr. Lim Chwee Leong,
10100, Penang
Tel: 6012-492 2921

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