Thong Yuen @ New Lane Coffeeshop, New Lane, Penang

There is a shop which is located at New Lane- Coffeeshop name is New Lane Coffeeshop where I love the thong yuen at this shop as well as the jelly. This time, I brought dear over to taste this nice thong yuen which is designed to be a HK style thong yuen.

As I prefer a normal one, I ordered the Peach thong yuen as well as a Peach Jelly. The thong Yuen cost me RM 2.50 while Jelly will be RM 1.70. The thong yuen is a bit different then the normal one as de soup will have the taste of sweet peach taste. And the taste is extremely oishi.. and different . Futhermore, I also added a thong yuen with the peanut flavor which I think is nice and oishi.

Dear Peach jelly is nice as the taste is not so so sweet. the taste is incredibly nice and temptating as well. Overall I can say one word.. OISHI

Taste: 5/5

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