Thai Fish Rice & Hokkien Mee (a.k.a Prawn Mee) @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Went to ss17 after office and we spotted this shop around the roadside selling foods. I had lack memory which i really forgot which coffeeshop is this. but what i remember is in the evening, there is a lot of stalls in front of the coffeeshop. Maybe should take another trip to knw the coffeeshop name.. wat we ordered? I ordered the thai fish rice.

The thai fish rice was so – so only since the fish meat is durry fish which i don really love. Futhermore, the fish is not fresh and i can feel the smell there even though they tried to fried them and with lot of sauces.

as for dear prawn mee, the prawn mee looks nice and yummy as well as more delighting which i think i love more. .. though dear don let me have them so much as i cant take spicy food due to sick.. haiz.. so I am able to taste a bit as a bonus. The taste is not bad but just lack of spice.. as so is not spicy enough. Other than that, is ok

Thai Fish Rice: 0/5
Prawn Mee: 3/5

Thai Fish Rice: RM 5.00
Prawn Mee: RM 3.50

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