Tea break @ Old Town Times Square, KL

Went to Times Square with Carolynn and we had our tea break dere.. Since had been so tired after a whole day of shopping, me and carol wanted to enjoy some light food which we spotted the Old Town Coffee in Times Square. Not talking about food first, the service is extremely poor. I had been waiting nearly 10-15 minutes to be served and food are then served about half an hour later after i ordered. Gosh… miserable and there are not high volume of customer there as well

the Si mut Nai cha is nice.. i love it so much.. as the taste is really delighting

As for the garlic bread we still prefer the one in Pizza Hut. Taste is not bad comparable the garlic taste not really strong enough. haiz.

Garlic Bread: 2/5
Si Mut nai Cha:4/5

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