Restorant Mee Udang HYK- Wangsa Maju

In Wangsa Maju, there is a shop which is mainly famous for its Prawn Mee. So, without hesitation we went in to have a try on the prawn mee.. the first impression on the shop is the shop looks very dark and wanna show some romantic feel.. but the look on it, i don think so .. haha… Both Carolynn and me ordered the set .. and we ordered some drinks as well.

The service was not really good as we had been calling for few times before they served and they don have any customer there. Haiz…

Carolynn ordered Honey Dew Fruit Juice and wat we get is Bubble Honey Dew Pearl Tea .. which is the Chan Chu Nai Cha. The tea is not so nice.. cause the Pearls are too big and not is hard not smooth enough.. and both Carol and Me say NO to it.

As for me i ordered the White Coffee which is not that nice as well .. Haiz

Lets see the Prawn Mee. The volume of the prawn mee is big enough where 1 bowl can be taken by 2 person. and there is not enough of soup. May be because when you have too much of mee or bihun in the soup, the bihun will absorb all the soup. As for the taste wise, is not really nice and wat i can see is layers of oils on top. Besides oily, i don see anything good inside.. and the oil is really oily. Both of us also cant finish the bowl of me and can say we left over of 60%

Taste: 1/5

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