Meals @ THean Chun, Ipoh

Thean Chun is one of the famous meal place in Ipoh and they are famous for kinda lots of food. One of it is the Cha Tan. The Cha tan is different until everytime I am in Ipoh, I will surely go for the Cha Tan. The Cha Tan is leong cha Tan which they cooked the leong cha with the egg and the egg will absorb all the tea smell.

Besides that, we also ordered chee cheung fan which is also a very nice one. cause the rolls is nice and fresh.. and this is famous there as well.

As we know Kai See Hor Fan is one of the famous food in Ipoh and the place you can grab a nice one will be in Thean Chun and the taste is extremely nice and oishi. The hor fan is soft and the taste is nice and special. The chicken meat is nice as well as is not very hard but is tender nice.. emmmmm… oishi………..

Taste: 5/5
Price: Total Abut RM 20

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