Lam Mee and Pan Mee @ The Golden Rest at Damansara, KL

This restaurant is located around the Damansara Area and it served a lot of local food… where you can find economy rice in the afternoon as well as fried as well

As for me I ordered the Pan Mee and dear ordered the Lam mee. the Lam Mee which dear ordered is not bad. Dear commented on the Lam Mee which is not much ingredients and the portion is small. Other than that, the chilies is not spicy enough.. eee.. Not pass.. as for dear taste well as mine.

As for the lam mee, the taste is still ok. Not bad.. just the mee is a bit more starchy.. overall the taste is nice..and oiShi.. I can say.. and is quite delighting

Lam Mee: 0/5
Pan Mee: 2/5

Posted By : StrawberrY Gal
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  1. alex says

    recently found a shop in ambang botanic klang also selling lam mee with homemade fishball. & u know wat…to my surprised it tasted yummy & delicious.

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