Kai Chuk ( Chicken Cangue) @ Ming Tian food court

thinking of having chicken porridge and it seems like raining .. and i dono where is the nearby place to have .. and ended up @ Ming Tian Food Court which is located in Taman Megah. This food court served kinda lots of local food.. which the shop itself claims there is a lot of oishi one there. I ordered the chicken porridge there,

The chicken porridge i ordered is not with the slices of chicken meat but the one i ordered is the one comes with a drumstick. Price wise is of course a bit more expensive than usual lo… since isd a drumstick set ma.

as for the taste wise is not bad. The chicken is quite smooth as well as the the porridge too. Overall is not bad

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 4.50

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