Chicken rice @ Restaurant Ong Kee, Ipoh, Perak

Ong Kee at Ipoh is famous for the chicken rice ..and at the same street there are two shops of Ong Kee. Though is the same owner but the original one will be the one old house which is not so maintened. As we had our dinner already, we headed to Ong Kee to taste the famous Ipoh Stim Chicken. Both me and dear ordered a quarter chicken to dine as well as the taugeh.

You can see the stall with lots of chicken.. I cant imagine how many chickens they are selling today ??

Seriously the taste is really very nice. Though some are not chicken drumstick which the meat is smooth, the breast meat of the chicken is also very smooth. is a bit weird where we cant find any chilies on the table for us to mix with the chicken. I think the bos concept is to taste the original taste of the chicken without any chilies.

The taste is extremely nice.. Really recommended……. I LOVE IT..

Dear, when we are going eat again??

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 16

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