Chendol @ Penang Road, Penang

Penang Chendol which is located along Penang Road neverless had claimed to be one of the famous chendol. This chendol stall had been blogged by many food bloggers as well as food critics round the world.. and i am also blogging this as well… haha..

Usually, this Penang Chendol which is located along Penang Road is opened around 10 – 11 am and they served nice chendol as well as Ais Kachang and other drinks. There is two stalls which served the same thing but the one which is famous is next to the coffeeshop and you can see Gurmit Singh (or famous with his name Puah Chu Kang) picture at the stall.

If you would like to take the chendol into the coffeeshop, there will be an extra charges of RM 0.50 per person on it. So, not really worth it. As so, u can see people will be standing in front of the stall having the chendol. Not much to say about the chendol as it is simply delicious and temptating especially during the hot sunny day.

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.70

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    I cannot beeivle you’re in Malaysia! I’m actually a few hours near you hahahaha. Are you coming to Singapore?!!!! We have the awesomest malls! I’m Indian and the food looks delicioussss! Yum yum yum! Penang is great! I’ve been there a couple of times (: Enjoy yourself! Hope you drop by Singaporeeeeeeeee!!

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