Breakfast in Genting Coffeeshop @ Greenlane, Penang

Genting coffee shop which is situated at Greenlane is famous among locals. The coffeshop here opened from morning till late afternoon about 4 pm till 5 pm. What is nice here. The food i love the most is the asam laksa but unfortunately the stall has not open yet as i am too early. So what i had this time?

This time, we ordered 3 different foods which is the fried tang hoon, curry mee and chee cheong fan. The local food here is not bad.

The curry me here is served as usual curry mee which comes wit taugeh, shrimps , prawns as well as tau kua. The curry mee here comparable is still acceptable as the curry mee style is Penang Curry Mee but i still love the Nyonya style curry mee. The curry mee chilly is not much spicy which does not allowed dear to taste the umph and he went to request more.

As for the fried tang hoon, the taste is simply delicious, as the tang hoon is well fried and tis quite nice. Just i think it is not fry enough … Overall the taste is still ok

As for the chee cheung fan, the taste is simply normal .. but i don prefer it as the prawn paste which is used is too salty and i simply don really love it

Curry Mee: 3/5
Fried Tang Hoon: 3/5
Chee cheung Fan: 2/5

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