Black peper sakana set @ 1-Utama, Selangor

I was at the mood of craving sushi on Monday .. and i bug dear for sushi dinner and we ended in Sushi King at One- U, for sushi, we have no comment as the sushi is already standardize and the taste is mostly the same. But usually, i ordered the peri- pri chicken but as for this time, we ordered the black pepper sakana set which the fish is dory fish as all along i don really prefer to have this fish. Now, i think is nice. if is taken in sushi king and the meal is yummy. I love it so much which is kinda spicy hotty. . as we ordered the black pepper set and it comes with a soup, a taufu as well as a rice and a yakult.. haha
Overall the price is RM12.90 not including the taste and the taste is superb

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 12.90

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