BBQ Chicken Wings @ New Lane, Penang

BBQ Chicken Wings is well known as well in Penang. This time, we had a try at New Lane. You can see the stall selling BBQ chicken and been roasting the chicken on your right. The BBQ chicken here is not bad. Most important, is the BQ chicken is well BBq till is golden brown and they have a taste of honey which will make it taste even nicer.

The BBQ chicken here taste nice.. but just i love the one in Song River more which many bloggers had blog them including VKeong. But this one neverless taste nice as well. Well, besides having BBQ chicken here, you can have other local speciality here as well. ..and this place open from early evening 6 pm till 11 pm or some even midnight.

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 1.70 per chicken wings

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