Ban Chang Kuay @ Air Itam Market

This stall is located along Jalan Pasar at the Air Itam road which this road you can find lots of fruits as well as light food you can buy along your way walking .

Ban Chang Kuay is indeed one of the famous food in Penang as well. Is somesorts of Apom.. but it has the added of sweetcorns as well as peanuts.
It is usually served for tea or breakfast.

during our food trip in Penang, Guan and carol ordered this and the taste is not bad. First of all is crispy as well as the aunty put lots of peanuts which make it even nicer.
The taste is nice and yummy,

– the stall –

The owner

price wise is cheap
Price: RM 0.60 per pieces
Taste: 3/5

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