Ayam penyek @ Warung Penyek,The Curve

We went to The Curve and thinking to try something different .. and me and dear spotted this shop at the first floor on the way to The Curve. The location of this restaurant is kinda hard to find as you need to take the escalator next to Kenny Rogers to reach up there for food. This restaurant is a Indonesian style chicken and we plan to get a try..
Price wise is more expensive than MCD or any fast food restaurant but the taste is not bad lo.

as it a newly open restaurant, food choice wise is not much choices.. and the restaurant is kinda small. They also give a pamphlet on how to go there so we are able to find the location..
em… not bad..

Dear ordered the original which is the ayam goreng penyek which is nice.. and the meat is also oishi.. other than that, it has the extra spicy chilly sauce which had captured me and dear and we ask for second round of chilly.

As for me, i ordered the BBQ which is not bad.. as well. The taste is nice and oishi.. and i love it and they also have refillable soft drink.. haha.. and we shared a cup of drink since is refillable

Overall i can say is a not bad food to go just the place is kinda small and the aircond is not cold enough

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 17.90 for two

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