The Baoz @ Pavillion


Was thinking for a shop in Pavillion and we spotted the Boaz shop at Pavillion Basement which they served different kinds of Boaz.. which is not the same as the one you have in dim sum shop. They have steam boaz which cover many kinds of flavors.. includes chicken, fish, seafood as well as chocolates.. which is making me mouth watering .. and now they have special promo.. which is the value meal .. and u can choose the set u wan according to ur favorites..

-the value meal –

Before the food served, me and dear taking the opportunity to snap a few post of our visit at the shop dere. ..

=our posting dere=

The Boaz we ordered are then served..and this time we ordered this yummy one which is the sweet and sour fish bao.. kinda special rite?? is my first time having them as well.. ahaha.. but the taste is nice and the boaz which are served hot is really temptation .. OISHI OISHI.,

Me and dear love it.. wat we rate
Taste : 4/5

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