Meals @ Secret Recepies, Sunway Pyramid, Selangor

As we have been drollin in Bandar Utama for so long and for a change both of us headed to Sunway Pyramid this time for meals… and dono wat to eat we went to Secret Recepies after drolling so long along the mall searching for food.

Secret Recepies is famous for cakes but for me, we din take any cakes this time but we took de meals… hahha.. I spotted the promo meals which is Tomyam.. and we also ordered another set which is the Black Pepper Chicken set which is my favorite.. wahaha.. as why ?? I am a black pepper spicy fans..

The drinks wise we just order one which is the tropical ice blended which is blended with a few kinds of food.. as I remember I notice is 2 which consist of orange and banana..but others I have no idea liao

Hear comes the tomyam.. the tomyam is jus so so ..not really spicy and they don have much ingredient inside which is chicken, mushrooms, veges as well as prawns only . and the price wise is kinda expensive. The tomyam is not spicy enough as well.

Next is the tropical drink. The tropical drink is very nice.. and I Really love it.. and is a very cooling as well… yummy ONE word… haha.. special and nice.. recommended

And at last is the black pepper chicken rice set which I think is nice and oishi just the rice not that oishi only.. All is nice. The set cost us about RM 15..

After the meal, we take a picture of our tired look … haha

Total bill came out to be RM40 fr both
Tom Yam – 2/5
Tropical Juice – 5/5
Black Pepper Chicken -3/5

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