Meals at KimGary, Mid Valley, KL

Kim Gary Mid Valley had been my old spot of food ever since I am in where?? Staying in Old Klang Road for the last few months.. and I can say food here is not bad.. jus when its not that pack .. de food is simply oishi desu..

While waiting for my food.. I never lost my opportunity and snap… haha.. u can see the cute bosco advertisement inside the restaurant itself.. hahaha… kinda mo liew right ??

– Cute bosco adv in Kim Gary-

here comes our first order which is the French Toast. French Toast is one of Kim Gary food specialty and it never fail before.. in my hand… as I can say I love it so so much.

– French Toast- 

Other than that, I ordered the vege wantan shanghai mee which not bad..The mee is smooth as usual and the wantan is not much meat but it has the vege smell dere… and the taste is really very oishi ..and temptation.. which I love it very much.

– Vegetable wantan shanghai mee-

Other than that, Carolynn ordered the Korean Mee.. where the taste is simply nice.. is called like kim chi.. mee but looking at the look, gosh it look gorgeous ..and the taste is nice.. and I love them so so much.

– Korean KimChi Mee-

Taste: 4/5 Overall

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