Lunch @ Wong Kok Gurney Plaza, Penang

This is the usual shop for dining with frens during afternoon when I am in Gurney as this shop served nice egg tarts as well as Char Siew Soh. Almost everytime I go there this is what which is a must for me to order

The egg tart is simply delicious as it is not only crunchy but the egg is real nice and is temptating. Futhermore, it s freshly made daily. .. from another mall which is Prangin Mall and if you are going to purchase from there.. it will be even more oishi.

This shop also served set lunch and Irene ordered the Seafood Lunch which comes with a drink for RM 11.90. This set comes with a rices..and seafoods like fried squids and more.. and they also have salad included as well.

As for Anna, she ordered the Duck Mee which is something usual only.. not much to comment but jus simply nice lunch and gathering 

Taste: Overall 4/5
Price: Reasonable

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