Hao Wei Dao @ NZS

Restaurant Hao Wei Dao is located inside Niu Ze Xui, Ara Damansara. They also have another outlet at Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. Is my first time going there and had a bad gastric that day.. but is not because of this shop.. hahaha.. is because I din have my meal de whole day..

 the company

That’s the picture.. of the place..and the design is not bad as well… Next , let s see wat we can eat .. and there comes the menu.. hmmmmmmmmmmm….

The Menu
Wat we ordered.. we ordered the Soya Tong Yuen which is quite special where the glutinous rice which is mostly served in ginger soup and now they able to served them in soya milk.. and the taste is nice.. as the soya milk is fresh and is not from the can..

soya Tong Yuen

Besides that, I also craved for the Red Bean Soup Tong Yuen which is not as ncie as Soya milk but the taste is still acceptable and nice. I can say is a special combination on it .

– Red Bean Soup Tong Yuen-

Soya Milk Tong Yuen- 4/5
Red Bean Soup Tong Yuen: 2/5

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