Dinner @ Super Tanker, Penang

Another food court in Penang.. which u can see Penangtist hunting for food.. and this food court is simply famous for local delicious food.. like lok lok and all..

– The char koay Teow =

Wat I ordered .. char koay teow here is not bad.. but don compare to some very oishi one which is located down town.. this is simply nice.. and the char koay teow prawns is also quite big,., mmmm… oishi desu

Mum ordered Singapore Bihun .. which is bihun fried with tomato sauce and the taste is simply nice.. because is a bit of soury.. and they also add is some lemon on it which make it even nicer.

After taking the Char Koay teow, I went to look for more food around the food court and I found out this stall which had featured on the STAR News paper. This stall is selling wat!!!.. hahaha.. it’s selling taufu as well as fried chicken which is really amazing, They simply fried it with hot hot oil.. and when u taste it is crispy and hot.. and the taste is real nice.

=The Stall fried chicken and the Ham Yu Taufu =

-The fried chicken =

There u see I ordered both.. which is the fried Ham Yu as well as the Fried Chicken which I think the taste is really very nice and delighting.. I would give a 5 star for this .. Rating time now

Char Koay Teow: 3/5
Singapore Bihun: 3/5
Fried Chicken/Salty Taufu – 5/5

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