Char Koay Teow and Hokkien Mee @ Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor as usual is claims as one of the hot spot for Malaysian but for me being a Penang Lan and dear as a Perak Lang.. it is hard for us to claim ho cheak comparable to other people. In a sudden, I felt like going dere for dinner and we went there.. em.. wat can I say is a FAIL lo..

You can say many stalls of choices there and we went one of them which is located a bit behind.. of the road/.. which is not really nice..i had to prawn mee which usually in Penang is called as Hokkien Mee. The prawn mee is still acceptable except its not that spicy as well as they have lots oil inside which I don think is nice

– prawn mee –

As for dear, he had the Char Koay Teow and for me is absulotely fail.. the koay teow don seems look nice and the taste is kinda weird.. eee…

– char Koay Teow –

Me and dear after de makan we took a pic together.. is picture time again …haha

prawn Mee: 3/5
Char Koay Teow: 1/5

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