Lunch @ Kek Seng, Jalan Penang, Penang

Kek Seng is a 100 years old coffeeshop which this is a prewar coffeshop. This coffeeshop is famous among the locals in Penang as well as tourist . Some of the famous food from here inclusive of the Asam Laksa, as well as the Ais Kachang.. and its famous durian ice cream.. I din order de Ais Kacang but we ordered some other stuff

Loh Bak here is famous as well according to my dad. My dad claims that the lo bak here is very nice.. which I also agree. There are varieties you are able to choose from the loh bak itself, fried sting ray, fried taufu, fried Taiwan sausage and fried prawns .. and lots more.. The lo bak here is usually served hot which make it taste nice.. and together with the loh ( sauce) and the spicy chilly sauce make them even nicer.

As a Laksa lover, how can I say I resist Laksa, Laksa here is not bad … though is not in my Grade 1++ diary.. but its still nice and oishi. The asam laksa here is also one of the popular one which I can say is not bad and nice. Just is not as nice as the one in Greenlane.. that’s wat I love the most .

-Asam Laksa-

We also ordered popiah and the taste is very nice well. the popiah nice.. and oishi … and not bad..  and is nice and tasty ..

– Popiah-

Taste: 4/5

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