Dinner at Yi Café, Mc Callister Road, Penang

Yi Café which is located at Mc Callister road at the crossroad at Lorong Selamat and Mc callister road is one of the famous seafood place in town. This restaurant is also an old restaurant as u can see from the furniture inside is really very old.. with the old type craving on the wall,

Mum ordered the seashells where this seashells is eaten after rebus and served with spicy chilly sauce .. which both mum and dad favorites. The seashells are really fresh here.. and this is about RM 10-15 a plate and is nice when it served hot..

For me, I ordered the sui Kao soup which the price is killing and expensive .. but the taste is nice. The sui kao have prawns inside as well.. oishi desu ……….but eat liao a bit sam dong

– sui kao soup-

– – the inner view of the sui Kao —

Dad ordered a lot of food.. oishi oishi.. we are served with chilly crab.. where the crab is cooked Suen lat or literally translated will be sour hot. The crab is kinda fresh .. and is nice.. but for me being lazy I jus took one only since I am very lazy to take out the crab meat .. haha

– chilly crab-

Is also my family favorite which is sour taufu steam fish. this fish is steamed and it is added with mushroom as well as taufu. The taste is a bit sour and they also add in ham choy in it while steam de fish

– steam fish-
– fried vege-
Nothing special on the fried vege as is jus a normal dish only

– sweet and sour pork-

The sweet and sour pork is really nice.. is very sour adn the kuah is very oishi.. suen suen lat lat.. and the pork is not fried till like a stone.. is still tender pork taste which make is very nice

Next is claypot tau hu … This is nothing special.. as is usual my dad love to order them whenever we eat out side.. but claypot taufu will have a lot of ingredient which is very nice includes mushrooms, taufu, slices of carrots and more.

– claypot tauhu-

My sis love this one.. Tan is another type of sea shell as mostly this dish is usually cooked with dried chillies and the taste is a bit spicy. is nice as well

– Tan cooked with dried chillies –

overall the food there is nice.. and oishi. The whole dinner cost us about RM 100 for 7 person meals.
Taste: 4/5
Environment: 2/5

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