Shanghai Noodles and Yong Zhou Fried Rice @ Kim Gary, Mid Valley, KL

Kim Gary Mid Valley is one of the Kim Gary I love the most .. cause there is ample sittin place and mostly I don wait very long to get my seats.. and the interior of the shop is kinda nice compare to the one in GP .

Here comes the interiorl that I am able to snap

Carolynn took this mee… is some sort if Shanghai noodles with vege as well as pork. Thefood is fresh and the mee is real soft .. is not rough like usual bihun .. and when u eat .. is like having the real bihun and u can swallow without munching it .. haha.. I love the soup as well .

Shanghai Noodle

They served the tea we ordered with is the Yin Yong a combination of coffee as well as tea.. while Nai Cha not much special … a normal si mat Nai Cha only ..

Yong Zhou Fried Rice is nice as well and the fried rice is fried till golden yellow.. which caught my attention and the portion is kinda big here. Overall the taste is real nice.. and the presentation is nice.

Taste: 4/5
Environment : 2/5
Service: 3/5

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