Nandos In Mid Valley

Haven been to Nandos for a long long time… and now I am now at Nandos with WC and Carol. The one we had was in Mid Valley which is situated near the Carefour. The Nandos there is ok.. jus the services is not that good. It takes quite long to give us the menu .. environment wise… not much I can say.. since is franchise there are not much to compare.

– Hot Peri Peri –

Wc ordered the HOT pari Pari and is real hot.. is seems like kinda extremely hot .. ahahah .. but still ok..

Carol however ordered this which is the Lemon Peri Peri which is not really hot at all.. is a lemon taste peri peri and is really not spicy.. wat I can say is jus a normal taste only .

Lemon Peri Peri

Overall the taste is ok.. and nice.. jus the service is not really good only

Taste: 4/5
Service: 2/5

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