Fried Tang Hoon and Hokkien Mee Kedai Makanan KiKi, Sg Ara Market

Kedai Makanan Kiki is not a famous food place but they served nice food as well. It is located in Sungai Ara around the Sg Ara market area. .. which is kinda hard to find. It served nice fried tang hoon .. which tang hoon has been one of my favorite food. The tang hoon here is well fried and it s nice. its not so watery which I ate some where before. and I could not even wanna touch them the second time.

– Fried Tang Hoon –

The Hokkien Mee or is called prawn mee.. is also not bad.. mum fully recommended the prawn mee as it is not that salty as well the price is cheap. Futhermore, it served is kinda big bowl compare to town area.

Hokkien Mee

Wat can I judge is not bad and price is reasonable.. just hard to find a sitting place only .. lol

Price: Range from RM 2.40 – RM3.50
Taste: 3/5

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