Japanese Style Curry Noodles @ Sushi King

drolling in the mall for few hours.. and at last make up our mind to have this special and nice Japanese style curry noodle in Sushi King.. in Mid Valley.. I prefer mid valley as the service is good.. that’s one of the reason ..

Japanese style of curry is a something like the lemak style of the Malay type of curry but is not spicy. The smell of it is just the same as the lemak curry but just the different is the spiciness.. and is not spicy and more kunyit smell.

Overall for me the taste is kinda weird. but still ok.. overall de taste is special. hehe.. and de portion is kinda big ……..

Price: RM 12.90
Taste: 3/5
Venue: Sushi King Midvalley (Basement)

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