Hong Tat Kopitiam Chai Koay @ Kulim

Love Chai Koay??Chai kuey in Hong Tat Kopitiam of Kulim town. Chai Kuey actually is a Chinese snack food from Teow Chew(潮州). Inside the chai koay will have Ku chai @ tubber onion wrap by thin flour skin. The thinner the skin it could be, the more deicious it could be. Of course, the ingredient must be very fresh.The chai kuey that I found here is very sellable. The owner of the stall start her business before lunch time & always finish around 4pm. The most important is her chai kuey are just stim. You can feel the heat once you put in the mouth. However, the combination of taste, chewiness & content of this chai kuey still have room to improve.
Oishi desu!!!

Taste: 3/5

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