Bee Hooi Loh Bak@ Pulau Tikus, Penang

Went to Bee Hooi and have the loh bak the day before I back to KL. Bee Hooi is famous for many oishi food from Laksa, chicken rice as well as the loh bak. Went the many times for dinner.. which the shop is closed usually on Tuesday

This time, I plan for laksa but I am too early .. so ended up having loh bak which claims one of the nice loh bak in Penang. The loh bak is well fried with hot oil.. as well as is fresh.. u cant seems to get the smell of expired oil on the loh bak .. haha.. some stalls I tasted had this kind of smell which is not really delighting. Futhermore they have lots of octopus which I think I love the most and the sauce is nice.

Just one thing is the price is a bit more expensive than usual.

Taste: 4/5


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