Wong kok , Queensbay Mall, Penang

Wong Kok Queensbay is a bit similar like the style in KL life where everything the price had been marked up o RM 7-8 …for Pg ppl will consider that as extremely expensive but for KL ppl is kinda not much different .. overall for me I think is kinda not worth for the money. The food taste is not bad but the portion is small. You can see the chicken rice with a few slice of chicken can cost up to RM 8 per plate.. where the portion is not big as well.. that’s why I say is bo tat.. means not worth for the money lo…

– Chicken Rice-

The Nai cha is ok.. kinda nice… I love the nai cha a lot .. and no comments on it. Service is depends to luck and time.. when there are many people, the service is not really that good any more … ahhahhaha. Is like this la.. don compare too much

– nai cha-

Taste: 3/5
Environment: 4/5

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