Japin @ Queensbay Mall North Zone level 3, Penang

Japin is another Japanese food which you can find in Queensbay mall.. but in mind this shop does not have any sushi available. Is more on set where you can find more food that is like sakana or peri chicken set. This shop is recommended by Queenie.. and she say the food there is nice,, as for me, I still prefer Sushi King or Sakae.

I ordered the chicken set which is quite nice ..but is jus from wat I can say is looks like is not that worth of the money we paid.. and the taste is not as nice as sushi king lol.. hahaa

– the ice lemon tea-

I supposed they should served green tea rather than ice lemon tea but they don have dem.. kinda funny ,, fr a Japanese rest no green tea fr the set ,… ahhahaha.. since I have nothing to do .. as u know.. I start snapping the pictures here and there…. and there goes de pictures….

– the rest view- chopsticks

The place

At last I can have my meal.. and they served quite slow.. about 20 – 30 minutes for the set.. haiz.. but after makan .. I still go back sushi king and get more sushi,, cause de food is not oishi.

– the dish- chicken pari- pari-

Taste: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Price: RM 17/ set

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