Fried Rice @ Yan Yan Restorant, OLd Klang Road

Went to Yan Yan REstorant along the Old Klang road after back from work … since is too tired I rather not walk far to eat and ended up in this restorant. Have no idea wat to eat actually as food in KL.. I also not to familiar .. at the end, I ordered the Yong Zhou fried rice.. and is really over my expectation where this fried rice is like 2- 3 plates in Penang .. gosh.. but price is RM 10 per plate. There are about 4-5 middle range prawns and the taste is not bad… if not comparing the food in Penang la.

The taste is really good for KL quality la.. perhaps I should have more explorer on food in KL.. haha.. see wat I can explore for this few weeks in KL.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM10

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