Bubur Cha cha & Mango Delights @ Sweet Chat, Time Square, KL

Planning to find a place to online in Time Square… and I ended up in Sweet Chatz at there.. it had been making me hungry because of the banners on the shop wall which place all the nice and oishi dessert.

– The Menu-

– the cute button-
I ordered the Mango dessert which is where ice had been grained like wat we taste in like Ais Kacang .. but they don put kacang .. but put mango instead.. with the Mango syrup. Overall the taste is nice.. but just the mango is not really fresh.. as compare to the one I took in Penang GP (Food Loft)

Carolynn ordered Bubur Cha cha instead.. Carolynn claims that is not so nice and the milk is too much which make the whole thing screwed up. So, wat is the rate she gave for her Bubur Cha Cha .. 2/5 only ..

Overall, the service is not bad.. just a bit slow.. and everything is fine

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 5.90 ( Bubur Cha Cha) & RM 6.90 ( Mango Delights)

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