Yummy Yummy.. Laksa Lemak@ Swee Kang,Jalan Burmah, Penang

It like me is makan tak henti.. de reason is jus as simple why..cause I am going KL work and dono if the food dere I can find oishi oishi one like in Penang not. At last I went to Swee Kang coffeeshop and grab a taste of my favorite Penang Lemak Laksa.. and it is really oishi oishi.

The laksa is simply not like other laksa cause is because is lemak as well as the kuah is really nice. It has the choice of lemak laksa, normal Penang Laksa, and the mix laksa. .. and this time I try the mix laksa which is half lemak and half normal.. and the santan won be too much.

Love it ya. RM 2.50 per bowl. Oishi and nice. The stall only open in the afternoon from 12- 5pm

Price: RM2.50

Taste: 4/5

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