New lane Char Koay Teow

Gosh… RM 5 char koay teow…this is one of the most expensive char koay teow that I had ever took,… Seriously, this char koay teow is a bit different from the char koay teow.. from other place.. and wat is the biggest success.. is I need to wait 15 minutes for a plate of char koay teow . That’s the most terrible.. by paying so high price I also need to wait so long..

The char koay teow stall is located opposite the chee cheong chuk stall in New lane. The char koay teow is not much a big plate but most important it comes with 3 big big prawns which make it to be expensive lo… and they also put some pinch of ketam punya meat dere…. Which is one of the reason it is expensive.. fresh ketam meat and prawns.. oishi oishi.. I love it so so much.. but the price is really killing me only.. once a while ok la..

Price: RM 5

Taste: 5/5

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