Leng Zhi Kang from New Lane, Penang

One of my favorite is Leng Zhi Kang as the taste is really refreshing especially during this kind of hot hot days. I grab them in New Lane..and is not really expensive compared to the one I had in Perangin Mall as the price is really killing me.. gosh.. is real expensive lo. I had this refreshing Leng Zhi Kang along the road at New Lane.. and I grab the taste of it … *mmmmmmmmmmmmm….. ho cheak* They put some sago, as well as some jelly and rambutans and dried longan which I love it so much.. They also put some kind of sea weeds inside.. which is good fr health.. cooling the body system.. haha.. as if we are like comp.. need a cooler as well.

The taste is ngam ngam.. not that sweet .. very nice. .. and it cost me RM 2.50 per bowl.. and is kinda big bowl .. where I share wif mum as well.. so worth…nice and oishi le.

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM2.50

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