Baked Fish with Orange Lemon Butter @ Francis Western Food, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Was thinking of western food and I came about to know about Francis Western Food from a old friend staying around the corner claims that it is nice. The pricing of the food is a bit costly compared to your normal western food. But I can assure you the food is worth paying extra a few ringgits. I had saw the menu and looking for something special where I cant get from other stalls. What I ordered is this one- Baked Fish with Orange Lemon Butter which cost me RM14.00 for this .

There are layers of fruits under the two pieces of tomato. The first layer of fruits would be orange, then came in the pineapples, and the last layer is peach. Above the baked fish is a layer of cheese and crabsticks which I find it yummy. 😀 Perhaps I am a fruit lover, therefore I find this western dish really oishi and really suits my taste. You should try it if you love fruits too.

Taste: 4/5

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