Yummy Haagen Dasz

– The counter and the ice cream counter-

– The counter and the ice cream counter-
Was at Haagen Dasz and temptating its yummy taste of ice cream. We are served wif plain water and the menu for us to choose on which of the ice cream we love to makan. .. and the choices. I was thinking of foudae but at last we change our choice of ice cream.

– Plain Water-

Chun ordered the ice cream of chocolate and vanilla on it.. wif nuts and the taste is incredible nice and yummy. In this, they make de wrong one.. so have to change for chun to this new one with the cone wif it..

-Chun ice cream choice ( made wrong)-

-Chun ice cream choice ( correct)-

Carol ordered mango flovor ice cream and is a bit of sweety and the mango taste is very pure and strawberry. I love the taste very much and is really delighting. Yummy one word..

Next is me, haha.. i ordered this one.. and the taste is special and the pattern in nice to… i had choose 6 flavors..i know is capochino, rum and raisin, strawberry, mango, tiramisu and pure chocolate. The design is nice as well there are strawberries and apple cucuk in between the ice cream and the cream.. oishi.. and is really full after makan them

One word.. yummy.. but kinda expensive- RM 90 for 3 of us …

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