Wei Zhi Jia Tasty Home Recipe @ Bayan Bay, Pg

Last Friday went to Qbay mall and thinking wat to eat.. u know now la… economy slowdown.. i also dono how to do .. need to save money for rainy season so now i am getting to save more.. not much expensive food except is special case.. haha.. and today i went out from the mall to eat ..Went to Wei Ji Zhia to taste the food.. and is really not bad and quite ok de price.

I took de tomyam vermicelli and the taste is nice.. but just not as spicy and hot as i expects. The taste is not bad.. and inside it has a prawn,onions, mushrooms and sotong as well as fish ball. Anomously nice and oishi. I really love the taste. Is RM 6 per bowl of tomyam.. yummy

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 6

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