Penang Teowchew Chendol @ Jalan Burmah

Yummy oishi… Carol and her mum was in Penang for makan trip.. and this will take me days to blog wat we had makan in this few days… gosh.. is plentiful we makan fr the 3 days 2 night trip of Penang food searching .. haha.. one of de things today i am going to blog is food.. and makan.. haha.. we ate chendol.. It is a traditional dessert originating from Java, Indonesia, but is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Southern Thailand. The dessert’s basic ingredients consist of shaved ice, coconut milk, starch noodles with green food coloring (usually sourced from the pandan leaf), and palm sugar. Red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, and creamed corn are optional additions. Cendol has become a quintessential part of cuisine among the multi-racial population in Southeast Asia and is often sold by vendors at roadsides, hawker centres and food courts.

One of the most famous stall in Penang for the oishi chendol is located along Jalan Penang and this shop is most famous stall in Penang which have the nicest and oishi Chendol.. and is Phua Chu Kang visited stall.. haha.. so is so so so famous..
If u wan grab a taste be fast.. haha..
RM 1.60 per bowl
Taste: 4/5

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